St Margarets

Welcome to St. Margaret's Church

When St. Margaret’s Church was built, Mountain Ash the Diocese of Llandaff, the Parish of Mountain Ash and Misken was a completely different place than it is today. The act of worship and prayer have been offered here since 1863 and forms the heart and life blood of our vibrant community. St. Margaret’s welcomes everyone that wants to enjoy the riches of our heritage, its fellowship and the joy of the Christian Faith.

St. Margaret’s reminds people that, although there are many changes happening all around us, that the Church is always here to welcome them and their families with open arms. I hope you will enjoy browsing this website and that it will encourage you to come and visit us; or to support St. Margaret’s in any way you can and enjoy like I do this truly beautiful Church, its history and what it stands for.

- The Reverend Michael Jones and Vicar of St. Margaret’s Church.