St Margarets

The Friends of St Margaret’s

The Friends of St Margaret’s is a scheme to widen the constituency supporting the church – primarily our friends. The scheme is designed for people who have lived in Mountain Ash, but now live away. These people may have gone to St Margaret’s when they were younger with their parents or grandparents, been part of the active choir, a bell ringer, attended Sunday School or have family ties to Mountain Ash.

With increasing costs of repairing and maintaining historical churches, St Margaret’s being no different, Friends help towards the burden of these costs of for the presevation of the fabric of the church. St Margaret’s was built in 1862 by the architect John Seddon a leading architect of the day and the co-architect with Pritchard, the restorer of Llandaff Cathedral.

The Friends of St Margaret’s are a wide group of people who help share the burden of ensuring that  St Margaret’s is kept in a reasonable state to hand on to future generations and the wider community to enjoy. Although the Friends may not wish to contribute to the religious aspects of the church, they are willing to support part of their heritage.

The Friends of St Margaret’s is one way in which the parish church of Mountain Ash can be kept for another 156 years. The Fellowship of St Margaret’s invites Friends to share in a partnership in which they are being invited to share.

Friends of St Margaret’s help in many ways:

  • ?Helping with fundraising
  • Making a subscription to the church
  • Donations for particular appeals
  • Legacies
  • Supporting events

Many Friends of St Margaret’s live all over the United Kingdom and other parts of the world, so if you have a passion for running marathons, swimming, cycling, walking and want to donate to St Margaret’s then we would be ever thankful.

Friends of St Margaret’s support in many different ways:

  • People who wish to visit the church buildings, and enjoy the history within
  • People who visit the church for family occasions or have been pleased to use the services offered, for example weddings, baptisms or funerals
  • People who may not support the ministry of St Margaret’s but are happy to support the many events put on by the Parochial Church Council (PCC) throughout the year
  • People who are happy to come and help with a cleaning party to keep St Margaret’s looking its best